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Spread The Word

Let's create “a buzz” around Normandy. We know so many of you want this to happen, now is the time to tell as many people as possible. With everyone’s support, Normandy could have a village shop this year!

Ambassador programme

Join the Ambassador programme, we are setting up virtual focus groups for villagers to take part, find out more about our plans and importantly share their views. We’re looking for people to lead these meetings. If you can help


We are currently applying for the YourFund Community Scheme and hope to be awarded in excess of £300,000. To be successful we need to demonstrate village support and raise our own funds through the sale of shares.

Why you should invest

  • It will give us somewhere to meet up and do our shopping locally
  • It will reduce the need for visits to shops outside the village
  • It will be within walking distance for many villagers
  • It will give Normandy a focal point for the community
  • It will increase the attractiveness and value of properties in the area
  • This is an investment not a donation, you become a shareholder
  • There is a credible plan and a good chance of funding
  • Community shops have an excellent success rate
  • There is the possibility of 30% tax relief on investments

Is it still possible to invest?

It may still be possible to invest by completing a form and submitting a cheque or bank transfer.

The forms can be obtained by sending an email to or by phoning one of the numbers given below.