Fundraising, funding & share options

Our fundraising and share campaign dominated the first half of this year and what a success it has been.We raised funds through several sources: community shares, grants, Parish Council and investor donations.

Through the Community Share offer and donations, we have successfully raised a fantastic £95,000. We always have to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped achieve this figure, it shows true community commitment and spirit. Having now gone through every detail of the project we estimate that we will need over £460,000 to be able to build, stock and operate the shop and cafe in a format the village will be proud of.

Our challenge is that in today’s environment, materials for the build element of the project are continuously increasing, due to lack of supply. This has not made our finance and project teams work easy, but we are now confident in our estimates and believe that the shop and cafe will be a success and will leave a fantastic asset for the village.

How are we raising funds?


Again the coronavirus pandemic has affected many grant opportunities, as local authority and private grants have focussed on helping businesses, associations and charities recover from loss of income, income merely to survive. 

We are always on the look out but feel confident with our shares, donations and the YourFund grant being awarded that we are on the right track to gain enough investment to complete our build and open our shop and cafe.

Community shares

We did it!

We exceeded our £90,000 target and couldn’t have wished for a better result.

If you haven’t invested already, it’s not too late. All you need to do is to click on this link Share Application Form, complete the form and return it to the address shown, either enclosing a cheque or transferring the amount to be invested by bank transfer to the account shown on the form.

 More about Community Shares

As a Community Benefit Society, shares will be offered to our community so all residents will have the opportunity of investing and becoming members. Everyone buying shares becomes a member of the Society and has a say in how the shop and cafe operates.

The share offer is important to the success of the shop, as it will not only provide most of the funding required, it will mean that we as a community have a vested interest in its success.

The shares are not expected to produce dividends but they are withdrawable after three years (to give the business a chance to get going) and you can pass them onto family members if you wish.

Investor donations

Local Surrey Businesses and Investors can make an important impact on our project by supporting us with donations. This can be in the form of cash donations or by providing goods and/or services to help us to set up the business.

We want to work closely with them, listening to their expertise, ensuring they are truly part of our experience.

We have also been discussing grant options with Community Foundation for Surrey, who are an organisation who build strong relationships with local philanthropists, connecting them with local charitable and community organisations.