Fundraising, funding & share options

To be able to open the community shop and cafe it will be important for us to raise funds over the coming year. You will be able to keep track of our progress on this page!

Funds will be raised through several sources: community shares, grants, Parish Council and investor donations, and local events. We estimate that over £300,000 is needed to be able to  build, stock and operate the shop and cafe in a format the village can be proud of.

We have been developing our fundraising strategy and getting ready to launch fundraising opportunities during the first half of 2021.

How are we going to raise funds?


There are many grants available, however with the Coronavirus Pandemic, the focus on grants for long term community projects was mostly frozen. 

We are happy to say we now see these grants re-appearing.

One significant fund that we are aware of is the ‘YourFund‘ initiative by Surrey County Council which has set aside £100M over the next five years for community projects such as ours. We have already entered details of our project onto the ‘YourFund‘ site and will be applying for funds as soon as the scheme opens.

We would love to hear from anyone in the village who has the experience of applying for grants, there are currently two people working on this aspect, but we would welcome anyone with experience to join us.

Community shares

STOP PRESS – We are now close to the point where our share issue will launch and you will be able to buy shares in our venture. You can find out more at

As a Community Benefit Society, shares will be offered to our community so all residents will have the opportunity of investing and becoming members. Everyone buying shares becomes a member of the Society and has a say in how the shop and cafe operates.

The share offer is important to the success of the shop, as it will not only provide most of the funding required, it will mean that we as a community have a vested interest in its success.

The shares are not expected to produce dividends but they are withdrawable after three years (to give the business a chance to get going) and you can pass them onto family members if you wish. 

We will be launching our Share Offer in the Spring of 2021 (we’re holding off given the current state of the Coronavirus pandemic), but watch out for news updates and become part of this exciting journey, we can make this happen together.

Investor donations

Local Surrey Businesses and Investors can make an important impact on our project by supporting us with donations. This can be in the form of cash donations or by providing goods and/or services to help us to set up the business.

We want to work closely with them, listening to their expertise, ensuring they are truly part of our experience.

We are currently discussing grant options with Community Foundation for Surrey, who are an organisation who build strong relationships with local philanthropists, connecting them with local charitable and community organisations.