Fundraising events

Although the events we had planned for 2020 worked out very differently, we ran a very successful Pop-up Cafe in August, set up in the Normandy Cricket Club.As we dodged the lockdowns, we then were able to run a Pop-up Cake Sale, whereby our lovely baking volunteers, bought their own ingredients, made hundreds of cakes, that were all bought in a couple of hours. We’d love to repeat this event and plan on expanding on other stalls and selling Christmas Trees! Something to really look forward to.

This Summer 2021.

The Pop-up Cafe needs a lot of resources, we’d love to run it, however we need more “doers” and “managers”, so that each session can be run by a different team. If we have volunteers who come forward, we will consider opening up for a few sessions.However, we feel to open the event up to the entire village, that an early evening Market may be a better solution.So watch this space and see how our plans work out.

Into Autumn 2021. 

We really hope that by the Autumn we can hold an entire village meeting, organise a small exhibition style space, whereby we can share with you the layout of the shop, the produce and how it’s going to work.Also another key element are recruiting volunteers. We have a good volunteer base, as summer comes to a close and we know when our building will be complete, we will be reaching out to the community, refreshing your memory that you volunteered and putting in place job descriptions and recruitment evenings.

Looking ahead to 2022

The year our shop and cafe will open! Apart from the great excitement of actually having our own village shop, the Management Committee team will not be finished. This will be the crucial time to make sure we communicate all the information about the shop and make sure we reach out to as many people, to get as many people to join in and support the shop and each other.We believe this will be the best thing that has every happened in our village, come and support us along the way and be part of our very own success!

Successful Pop up Cake Sale

held on Saturday 12 December!

Our volunteers baked some delicious cakes and we were incredibly pleased at the response to or Pop-Up Cake Sale at the Cricket Club on Saturday 12 December.

There were other items for sale, as well, a local supplier brought along some Christmas Trees which proved popular, and there were lovely hand-made cards on sale.

We also ran a raffle with some lovely treats as prizes.