Fundraising events

Although the events we had planned for 2020 worked out very differently, we ran a very successful Pop up Cafe in August and are looking ahead to 2021 and hoping things will return to some normality and enable us to organise more community gatherings and fundraising events, as we move into Spring.

Successful Pop up Cake Sale

held on Saturday 12 December!

Our volunteers baked some delicious cakes and we were incredibly pleased at the response to or Pop-Up Cake Sale at the Cricket Club on Saturday 12 December.

There were other items for sale, as well, a local supplier brought along some Christmas Trees which proved popular, and there were lovely hand-made cards on sale.

We also run a raffle with some lovely treats as prizes.

Looking ahead to 2021

The lockdown situation continues to limit opportunities for us to run events, but we aim to start up further events as soon as we are able. We’d particularly like to open up more ‘Pop-Up’ events.

In the short term, our focus is on ensuring that we continue to keep you informed on current progress, and find ways to raise funding for the project, through the community share launch, grant funding and events, when we can run them.