Welcome to the Normandy Community Shop and Cafe

Our New Website is Currently Being Developed

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The Normandy Village Shop & Cafe project has picked up speed, with goals having been met and progress accelerating towards new ones.

The Management Committee have been busy, heading up work groups and reaching out to the community.

Our website is now being refreshed and new information will start to appear.

We invite you to explore the different pages, discover what is happening and where we are with the project, every step we take is working towards opening the Normandy Community Shop & Cafe.

On our home page you will see snippets of information, you can download our first Newsletter for a quick overview, check out the noticeboard page. We may not have our shop yet, but we have started a village shop Noticeboard already!

Our Vision

The Normandy Community Shop & Cafe will be purpose-built, owned by our community, managed by our community, for the benefit of our community. It will be a fresh, attractive, and environmentally friendly focal point for the village.

Our aim is to sell local produce alongside everyday items to cater for household day to day needs and the odd treat! As well as providing a community meeting place, the shop and cafe will welcome and encourage other visitors to the village, who typically include running and walking groups, cyclists and dog walkers.

What is a Community Shop?

Community shops differ from normal retail shops in that they are owned by the community, run by the community and for the benefit of the community. That means that, rather than aiming to make profit for a retail organisation, they run to keep the store and cafe open and to pass on any additional profit to support other projects for the community. So, when you invest in a community shop, and use the shop and cafe, you are not only keeping the business going but you’re helping yourselves and your neighbours in supporting valuable local facilities.

As with many community shops and pubs, we are members of the Plunkett Foundation, who have been working with rural communities since 1919, and who have helped in establishing many of the community shops that exist today in the UK.

You can find out more about them on the Plunkett Foundation website  www.plunkett.com

We have visited many shops and take our ideas to help develop our plans from many. Here are a couple of well established shops in Surrey.